Join Our Network of Training Professionals

Joining our network

H1 Learning is a division of H1 Healthcare Group which provides in person and online education and training to our own people, external learners and business customers. Very simply we want to give you the opportunity to work with us, to raise the profile of your training offering and expand your reach.

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We’ll help you deliver virtual courses with Qintil Classroom, part of our own learning delivery and management software. As things open up again, we’ll be able to help you with opportunities to deliver in person training too. We are always looking to expand and enhance the learning we offer. Learners will work in the health and care field, and topics will vary, but will need to be engaging and attractive to nurses and care professionals. We will invest in marketing these courses.

Get Help With Your Qintil Account

If you need any help with your Qintil account you can visit our Help Centre to access FAQs and software help articles.

If you're interested in working with us, what we’d love to hear about in more detail is:
  • Your approach and delivery style

  • Your credentials and feedback from your participants

  • What you will deliver over the next 6 months, virtually and face to face

  • Examples of the standard courses you deliver

  • Examples of non-standard courses you deliver: what do you provide which makes you stand out?