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H1 Care Academy

We believe that in life there are multiple pathways to success and one of the driving values we have at H1 Healthcare is making sure people have the option to explore these pathways. With over 20 years experience behind us and supported by industry leading experts in training and development, we’re excited to be launching a brand new opportunity for those looking to work in care!

“We often think few people want to work in care, but actually we meet people all the time who would love to work in care but they don’t know how to get into it.
We have always been an employer that wants to attract the best people to work for us and by doing so we try and offer the best pay, good conditions, good training opportunities, good career progression, work where you want to when you want it - that’s always been part of our DNA and what we do. - Sam Easen, CEO

Why we’re launching H1 Care Academy

We have been looking at developing new ways of bringing people into the workforce and into the sector. One of the things we are really passionate about is developing ways for people of all ages and all backgrounds to enter the care workforce and allowing them to build a career in care, but we often find that people are lacking the experience needed to enter the industry.

Introducing: H1 Care Academy

Looking to begin a career in care but don’t know where to start? H1 Care Academy is the solution for you.

What is H1 Care Academy?

H1 Care Academy will give you the opportunity to undertake care training and placements with us at absolutely no cost to you, with a guaranteed interview to move into permanent care work as part of the H1 Family when you graduate from the academy.

  • Open to anyone 18+

  • No prior experience needed, just the motivation to work in care and a willingness to learn

  • We cover costs for travel expenses*, uniforms, practical training and your disclosure check.

  • Opportunities in domiciliary care, residential care, supported living, complex care, palliative care and more.

  • Completing the course leads to a guaranteed interview to join the H1 Family!

From there, you have the opportunity to have a long and rewarding career with one of the UK's leading healthcare employers with roles available in domiciliary care, residential care, supported living, complex care, palliative care and more!

What does H1 Care Academy offer?

On completing two weeks of training, both in person and virtual, you will undertake a three-week placement with one of our clients, after which you will have a guaranteed interview, incorporating formal feedback from our clients and our employability team.

If you succeed at the interview stage you will then move into the H1 Family on the same pathway as other new starts with previous experience, and begin gaining paid experience.

​From here, we will continue to support your training and development with further qualifications and skills.

Whether this is your first step into the workforce or a new direction for you, the H1 Care Academy provides you the training and support you need to succeed!

If you’re interested in joining the H1 Care Academy, or if you have any other questions, you can apply here or visit our website for more information by clicking below (Button to Care Academy page)

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